Thursday, November 8, 2012

PSA: Support the Fort!

So... the Fort Street Cafe is somewhere that I haven't gotten a chance to blog about yet, but they're definitely on my list of awesome places in Victoria that are doing Good Things! The underground restaurant not only serves up tasty food & beer, but they also provide one of the only decent all-ages music venues in the city (and while it's been a while... I remember how much it sucked to not have enough all-ages rock out spaces when I was younger!).

As has been reported by Monday Magazine and the TC, the current landlords of their building are not interested in continuing their lease, and the Fort is sadly... homeless! However, the owners also recognize that finding and renovating a new space to meet the same niche won't happen without some serious capital-raising. Initially, they were ready to move onto other things but after the ground swell of support from the public they seem to have turned not to traditional sources of funding, but their community to help them relocate.

Now... 100,000 of crowd funding in less than 3 months is pretty ambitious! However, I believe in the power of community. We've seen Victoria rally around similar stories on a smaller scale in the past (see: Cabin 12's window smashing, or Tall Tale Books, the children's bookstore that was just up the street etc). I figured I would do my part and help get the word out (and contribute, of course!) to helping the "café" find a new spot (so I can blog about it!)

#supportthefort !