Friday, June 14, 2013

The Food Nerd Podcast Ep 1: Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort HQ
Super excited to release this first proper Episode!

I sat down a few weeks ago with Autumn Maxwell, the beauty & brains behind that Cold Comfort ice cream that has won over sweet teeth and local food lovers in Victoria, myself included! I caught up with her after hours at her Headquarters that she shares with Lone Tree Bakery on Craigflower Rd while the Lone Tree staff were still hard at work in the back (as you will hear).

Autumn was, as always, lovely to chat to and I think this was a pretty great way to kick off the podcast, so please check it out below!

Autumn talks sweet and savoury treats, how she got her start as a passionate food producer, her love of all things retro and... Star Wars (it is the food NERD podcast after all!). 

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