Monday, June 10, 2013

Taco Justice

Address: Primarily 1580 Cook St (in the Wellburns Parking lot)
Phone: (250) 588-5400
Price: ~$6 a taco
Notes: A fusion taco truck on a mission to SLAY your HUNGER. Cash only. 

I'm pretty late to posting about the taco truck explosion currently happening in Victoria (current count... I've lost count!) but I'm hoping to catch up, starting with one of the oldest ones, Taco Justice! Unlike other food trucks that seemed to fight for space to park, this truck seemed to waltz onto the scene with little stress. Perhaps I was just out of the loop, or perhaps they intimidated city hall with their kickass theme. Or, they learned from the hard lessons of their older cousin-truck, Refiner Diner.

Usually parked in the North Park neighbourhood Taco Justice offers quirky fusion tacos out of an epically quirky truck. I'm so devastated, but I must have deleted the photos I had of the truck, but I am always amused by looking at it while I wait for my food. The cartoon super hero theme is a great trope for building a menu, giving a bit of playfulness to what is usually an otherwise boring space.

The selection is primarily tacos as the name suggests, but I have seen a few other menu items including a special burrito, the nachos libre and "truck roasted lemon" iced tea.  The menu doesn't seem to change too much, but they do post regular updates to their Facebook page.

May 10, 2013

Slap to the Kisser/Green Bastard
Slap to the Kisser & the Green Bastard
Their tacos seem to be consistently stuffed... so much so that the closest word I can use to describe them are sloppy, particularly the slap to the kisser (which I guess is appropriate... kissing is a pretty sloppy thing). This is a lovely fusion taco with marinated tuna and spicy mayo coleslaw veggies on top. The Green Bastard is also a favourite, and several people have mentioned how much they like this one. The deep-fried & breaded slices of avocado has a creaminess to it that makes for a very appealing texture mouth feel. 

1/2 Nachos Libre
1/2 Nachos Libre
This is definitely my favourite dish. This is the half! A full is an Epic amount of food, not to be undertaken unless you are prepared to kick the arse of the evil afternoon nap mega bosses.  These are like all the best parts of nachos crossed with all the best parts of poutine. Waffle cut fries are topped with spicy sauces, chopped veggies and cheese.

May 10, 2013
I had a few people commenting on gruff service to me early on, but I've never had anything but friendly service. It's maybe not the quickest turn around for food when the line gets long, but it's not long. I wish there was a little bit more seating, but that's a pretty standard complaint I have for food trucks so that isn't really a big deal.

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