Friday, June 7, 2013

The Food Nerd podcast Episode 0 - My 1st Authentic Canadian Food Memory

I've been messing around with a podcast wing of the blog. I'm calling it the Food Nerd podcast. It is meant to be related to and a part of the blog, but also something that could be listened to and consumed separately. My plan is to sit down with local food folk every two weeks or so and chat with them for about 45 minutes, capturing their past/present history and intentions in the local food scene.

This first episode is #0 because it won't fit the format of the others; this episode is just me talking to you, my imaginary audience, explaining a bit about the blog and how it will also be a part of the Canadian Food Experience Project! I am really excited about being a parter of this cross-Canada blogger initiative, so check out the podcast below to find out all the details, and then head on over to Valerie's blog on the 15th of the month to see the full round of of coast-to-coast posts by my fellow bloggers!


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