Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in Review 2013

Three years. 3 YEARS!? W.T.F.

I say this every year, but I really did start this blog on a whim... I mean, there were lots of reasons that it made sense and it had been bubbling in the back of my head but the moment when it actually happened was almost like a true moment of conception — it was completely beyond my control and quite miraculous and I am just really glad it happened (so there we go, I don't have kids, I had a food blog instead!). It is still so strange to think how my life has changed in such a (relatively) short amount of time. And it still feels strange to feel like my opinion actually matters in food things, but I am starting to feel more educated and a little more aware of what I don't know!

Closing year three and things are finally starting to slow down a little? Posts are leaning a bit more towards quality over quantity,  perhaps. Also I think I am just wanting to diversify my content a little bit more and bring a bit more research to the table... and build a little more community. Adding the podcast aspect to my posts has really satisfied both of those things and because of it I feel much more like a member of the community, instead of an outsider looking in and just making comments. I have, admittedly, sacrificed a fair bit of my anonymity in the past year and I don't know how that is affecting my ability to bring an unbiased review, but it is allowing me more professionalism instead of thinking of this as just something I do in this completely parallel existence outside of my "Real Job." Anyhow, regardless of anonymity or lack there of I am just doing my best to navigate it thoughtfully, as always...

In terms of what's coming up in 2014 I am going to be trying to release content more regularly. More podcast are definitely on the books as well as more regularly food posts to keep anchored to my original purpose! More #VislandGetaway posts for sure peppered in between there, too. I might even complete the bacon off (maybe. no promises *wink*). As part of this commitment I recorded a new years resolution podcast in which my fellow food nerds and I vow to visit one new restaurant every month (and... ideally blog about it!). Check back for that podcast on the 3rd of January for all the details of that...

Yes, I still have another 100+ restaurants still left to explore... and the list seems to be growing these days not shrinking, as Victoria's food scene enters a boom phase. It's an exciting time, and I am happy to be here doing my little piece to support the local food scene to flourish!

As always, thanks for reading, thank you for sticking around and coming back so often. Cheers, and here's to another awesome year of food coming up!

The VF 10 Best Food Experiences of 2013
  1. All the amazing local food folk who shared their stories with me via the Food Nerd Podcast!
  2. Ayo Eat
  3. Charellis & Co
  4. Deadbeetz Foodtruck
  5. Hanks Untraditional Barbecue
  6. Little Jumbo
  7. (The) Victoria Public Market at the Hudson
  8. Wild Mountain
  9. Wine Touring in the Okanagan
  10. 10 Acres


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