Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Food Nerd Podcast Episode 16: A New Years Resolution for Conviviality

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This month's topic for the the Canadian Food Experience Project is about my New Years Food Resolution. Head on over to to see all of the other bloggers from across Canada who participated in this topic as well.

In the last year and I bit through the power of Twitter I have connected with some people who are the original "food nerds" in my brain. I have been blessed with meeting many amazing locavores that have become new friends, but this group are the ones who are equally as obsessed with trying new restaurants as I am... and willing to try just about anything at least once!

It was with these friends that we were sitting with at the Island Chefs Collaborative Christmas cocktail fundraiser and they suggested that we should set a regularly monthly date to get together and try some of the amazing local restaurants that are still on our collective 'to visit' list! I took advantage of their tipsiness to corral them into promising to record the decision making process of the further details as my New Years resolution!

In Slow Food we talk about the 'conviviality' of food... that food should be local — of course — but also savoured, and it is always best when enjoyed with others (ideally with some local wine). Whenever I get together with my fellow food nerds we always laugh, learn, drink well and inevitably eat too much! I cannot think of a more perfect way to spend my 2014...!

Before everyone spread across the Province for the Christmas holidays we sat down together, put all of our ideas for restaurants we wanted to visit into an ice bucket and came up with quite the list...! We thought we would have some overlap, but shockingly there wasn't even one! I think that speaks to the vibrancy of our restaurant scene right now! We also touched on some of the restaurants that sadly closed in 2013, our favourite food events and joked about whether or not I should do some investigative reporting about the shocking number of restaurant fires in the last year.

Here it our list in alphabetical order:
  • Be Love — visited! we loved it!
  • Blighty's Bistro (swapped out for Heron Rock)
  • Brasserie L'Ecole
  • Cafe Brio
  • Clay Pigeon
  • Foo Ramen
  • Heron Rock
  • Hernandez
  • Ithaca
  • Marina Restaurant
  • Matisse
  • The Mint — visited! not as good as we remembered...
  • North 48
  • So Yo Izakia
  • Sooke Harbour House
  • Ulla

You'll have to listen to the episode below to find out which restaurant we will visit first...!

My other new years resolution is to get more sponsors for the blog! With some awesome sponsorship from last year and my awesome partnership with Diggit I am so close to breaking even on what it costs me to run & maintain my blog... 2014 will be the year! If you know someone who wants a creative way to connect with Victoria's local food fans please ask them to reach out to me! I'd love to chat. 

P.S. I also put a donation link on the sidebar a while back so if during 2014 you discover a restaurant that you think I Must review you can donate & tell me where to go & what to try! Thanks in advance for your support :)


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